Elham Ali Abdulkarem

Ms. Elham Abdulkarem completed her Master degree at Masdar Institute and is now is pursuing her PhD in the MECEL. Elham’ research is addressing the challenges of energy use the process of desalination of water in the Arabian Gulf. She is investigating how photosynthetic microorganisms can assist in the removal of salts by pretreatment of saline or brackish waters. The sabkhas in the Al Gharbia section of Abu Dhabi hold many different photosynthetic organisms that have evolved to live and thrive under hypersaline and high temperature conditions. Elham is isolating and identifying the photosynthetic microbial organisms found in the western region sabkhas to assess their potential use in the process of biological driven desalination processes. These studies are of high importance if we are going to take advantage of the potential for renewable and sustainable photosynthetic water desalination.